Hello there, welcome to my website.

I am largely self taught and paint mainly in acrylics, but do use oil from time to time when my patience allows !
I started painting following the deaths of my two closest and dearest friends ,finding myself in a deep depression I took a sabbatical from my job working as a HCPC paramedic and shut myself away and picked up my paint brushes as a self imposed therapy and soon found myself gradually healing from my very personal loss, this improved on a daily basis which culminated in the creation of the Art By Zeta website after two years of self isolation. (I was way ahead of Covid !).
You may have guessed that I love and adore animals and it was pet portraits , namely dogs that I started painting originally , having owned dogs for over 30 years, I became fascinated with capturing their individual characters and uniqueness which eventually led to my figurative work, landscapes and still life.
I also paint other pets and have recently started painting horses which once again I am happy to take commissions on ,whether it’s a single horse a horse and rider or group of horses the choice is yours so, get in touch, I live very close to Keysoe International equestrian centre and if you use the centre I would be very happy to meet you in person, meet your horse or dog and take photos which I will then use to paint your individual commission.
Not being very tech savvy I have found promoting my work quite a challenge since this website was created and the cost of art show stands is quite exorbitant which goes against the grain of the prices I would like to charge , so I am currently about to embark on social media advertising as part of an ongoing project, to promote my artwork and website to ensure my work for sale reaches the right audience and also remains competitively priced.
For those of you who have visited my site before you will know that I haven’t updated it for a couple of years , I’m afraid as an artist I can be quite eccentric at times and shy away from what I consider the mundane tasks of selling and promoting when all I want to do is paint, but I have given myself a stiff talking to put my pants on on the outside 😂and will be adding some of my latest works including prints and cards to this website in the coming week and I hope you enjoy what you see.
Although I have battled with depression especially since the loss of my best friends I am a survivor and actually have a great sense of humour and am quite the chatterbox so would be happy to text,email or speak in person or over the phone and answer any questions you might have about my work.
My paintings are usually vibrantly coloured and I often use gold,copper and silver leaf to my work. I paint from the heart and get great satisfaction when I complete a piece. I have also started making pet sculptures but …… I am not ready to reveal them just yet.! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will see new works when I add them just click the links in the contacts page.
I try to provide a relatively quick turnaround time on commissions but bear in mind if it is an original artwork please allow me 4 weeks to complete . I currently look after and care for my 91year old mother and this often takes up more of my time with very little notice and that means I cannot offer quicker turn around times .
Thank you for visiting.